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Its been a rough few weeks with sick kiddos, doctor appointments, crazy schedules, juggling two houses, and you know, life in general, that I’ve been in a funk. Just overwhelmed, tired, mommed out kinda deal.

And then I was completely heartbroken when I experienced personal mom shaming at the mall with my crazy, loving toddler. I just lost it, flat out bawling in the car. It was rough.

But my husband and Instagram followers, yes some people I don’t even know, helped me though my heartbreak. And then it dawned on me that I need a solid support system of fellow women, not just moms but any woman that is tired of dealing with all the judging, shaming and stigma.

Women that are tired. Women that don’t want to respond to your “when are you finally going to…” or “you know you’re not getting any younger…”. Women that don’t know what the hell they’re doing. Women that are too afraid to ask for help or advice because of all the judging and stigma. Women that just want to laugh and have fun. Women that actually want other women to succeed and be genuinely happy.

Maybe if there was more support, more encouragement, more genuine happiness towards each other then these negative people and their comments would be more easily tolerated, because they’re not going to go away.

So I created an interactive Facebook group, complete with monthly challenges, advice, resources, etc and I’m sooooo excited to get to know and collaborate with some fantastic women.

Click here to join now!

Don’t wait – the September challenge starts Friday the 8th!

Chat at you soon ✌🏼


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