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Everyone knows learning at a young age is important. And there’s so many things to teach our children, sometimes I don’t know where to start. It’s overwhelming to say the least. Colors, numbers, patterns, shapes, letters, words, feelings, bodily functions, etc. The list is endless. But one thing I have learned is that it doesn’t take a lot of effort, money or space to help little ones learn these things. So in an effort to decrease screen time AND increase educational learning activities, I came up with these awesome free and simple toddler printables.

toddler printables
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Why I Love Printables:

Printables are great for many reasons.

  • These are free! Subscribe to this blog (at bottom on mobile or the side on PC) and get FREE & UNLIMITED access to ALL of my printables! And if they get damaged or lost simply print off another one!
  • They don’t take up a lot of space. And we all know how much stuff our little ones have already!
  • They’re quiet!!!!! No more to say about this one…
  • They’re educational. Your child will actually learn something using these!
  • These are multipurpose. They can be used for independent playtime & learning or in a group setting (ex. stations, partner work).
  • *They are durable. *I always recommend laminating them or placing them in a clear sleeve to resist tearing and normal toddler wear and tear.

Here’s a Sampling:

toddler printables; 5 little pumpkins
Super fun and cute 5 little pumpkins storyboard set! My toddler loved reading the book while interacting with this printable!

toddler printables; 5 little pumpkins

toddler printables; popsicle stick activity
So much fun playing and learning with popsicle sticks!!
toddler printables; popsicle stick activities
You get 12 cards in this Popsicle Stick Shapes Game!

toddler printables; number matching
1-10 Number Matching Fun!

What next?

Click on the Free Printables tab at the top of the page and enter the password you were sent upon subscribing to this blog. Locate the Free & Simple Toddler Printables, print them off and cut them out! That’s it!!

*To make them more durable all you have to do is laminate them once all the pieces are cut out and cut them out again. They’ll last much longer this way and hold up really well over time. Here’s my favorite, cheap (less than $30) and easy to use laminator:

OR let me do the work for you…

Don’t have time or want to go the easy route and have them printed, cut, laminated and sent to your mailbox?? I have several already posted in my Etsy shop and will do all the work for you! Just click the link or the E at the very top of this page!

I can also personalize – just send me a message here or on Etsy!

And let me know what you think or if you have an idea for a printable – comment below!!

~ Kristin

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  • Ana

    Love these! Can’t wait until my baby is old enough to use them, will definitely bookmark it!

    • thiswif4

      Thank you! I sure hope she enjoys them!

  • Rosie

    Wow what a great resource! I have two toddlers and they would love this! I can’t wait to print them out 🙂

    • thiswif4

      Oooh let me know how they like them!

  • Lauren

    I love these! Will pin for when Lily can use them!

    • thiswif4

      Thank you! I hope she loves them!

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