Pinterest Mommin Fails

I spend way too much time on Pinterest trying to find fun, engaging, imaginative, creative, get-my-toddler-to-do-something-productive-without-whining-and-throwing-a-fit activities. Well turns out, there isn’t much out there that meets my last criteria.

Yes, there are a lot of blogs, pages, sites, forums that talk about all of these amazing activities to do with your toddler and watch them learn and be oh so captivated in this moment…but it just doesn’t work out for my toddler that way (most of the time).

For one, sensory bins.


Interesting sensory bin fun…

She does actually enjoy some of these as long as you just let her do her own thing (she’s a very determined little thing).

But they always take a strange turn… like this one. Apparently she decided to strip down and sit in the bin on the gravel therefore giving the good ole mama the job of digging neon aquarium rocks out her buttcrack – that wasn’t mentioned on the Pinterest page…

Another fail, dress-up.

When playing dress up isn’t your cup of tea…

I found this adorable fairy outfit online and couldn’t wait to play dress up! It even came with a crown and wand – what little girl wouldn’t love this.


Apparently, I was the only one excited for this little piece of fun 🙁

She hasn’t played with it since…maybe I’ll have better luck with baby girl #2 or I should just crush this dream of mine already…

Fail #3, painting.

Oh my paint…

This little activity is hit or miss, mostly miss.

She would just rather paint herself but that’s not always the best idea, especially in public. I had to carry this determined, screaming, kicking, crying bundle of something or other out of an awesome mommy and me painting event.

All because she wanted to paint herself…

that’s the reason.

Again, not mentioned on the Pinterest page…

Last fail, for now, stickers.

It’s all fun and games until you have to remove the stickers…


I told my husband, here let her play with some stickers. Then I came into the room to this.

Haha…funny right?!?!

Well it was comical at the moment. Until it came time to remove these insanely strong, super-glued mickey mouse stickers from her face, yes her face.

It was torture…for all of us 🙁

New rule: no stickers on the body!!!

Would love to see your Pinterest child fails!


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