Organize Me: Child’s Papers, Yearly Pictures & Artwork

From the moment your child is born you are encountered and overwhelmed with stuff. Pictures, important documents, sentimental scribbles, cards, handprints, etc. begin to pile up. Organize your child’s papers right away and have a system that works!

I love to organize!! I could literally spend hours looking at boxes, bins, storage systems, etc. In fact I even organized my parents upstairs closet one day on a whim because it was driving me crazy ­čśť.┬á(before I had kids obviously!!!)

So I wanted to share an awesome organize me hack that I discovered while perusing my favorite store, Target of course!

These amazing expandable files!! ­čśŹ

I mean how freaking gorgeous are these! So my next step was to figure out a purpose for these bad boys to justify buying them. I mean I obviously had to have them!

Organize me expandable files organize me childs papersorganize me childs artwork organize me expandable files

organize me childs artwork and more

And then it dawned on me, there are 19 file holders. 19! Perfect to organize my kiddos papers by age, from 1-19 or 1-18 with an extra folder. So I went ahead and numbered all of the tabs and now all these sentimental cards, pictures, drawings and artwork are all in one place and not scattered around the house in twenty thousand different spots. And I can throw in all those scribbled notepad papers and the thousandth hand print picture! All in this cute, easy to carry and move case!

For only $14.99 – you honestly can’t even beat the price!

I only wish I would’ve discovered these expandable files sooner so my toddlers stuff would already be organized and not who-knows-where already. But I do have a great start with my youngest now and I’m┬ávery relieved! I’m also excited to go back through these in a couple years and see how far they’ve come and reminisce. (with a box of tissues of course!)

So you’re welcome. I mean not like you needed another reason to go to Target ­čśé


~ Kristin


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