Marshmallow Play Dough Fun!

Homemade Marshmallow Play Dough Recipe

With this cold, rainy and now snowy weather I’m in desperate need of some fun, easy and engaging indoor activities for both of my toddlers. You know, because we’re surrounded by toys in almost every room of our house yet they’re still bored and wanting me to provide their sole entertainment 24/7.


So during my late-night search I remembered a recipe by a fellow blogger, Rosie, on her DIY Marshmallow Play Dough and thought we would give it a try! Miss A, my almost 3 year old, loves to help in the kitchen and LOVES anything squishy so honestly this seemed like a win-win for both of us. Miss O on the other hand is not a fan of squishy so I wasn’t sure she would enjoy this. But you never know 😉

The Mixing Up Fun!

We gathered our marshmallows, coconut oil, corn starch and food coloring (of course she wanted pink) and got to work! Miss A loved every step in the process and it was actually really easy to make with minimal toddler mess. She did need help mixing it up after we microwaved it but once we were able to knead it, she was right back in the game!

Homemade Marshmallow Play Dough

Homemade Marshmallow play Dough RecipeThen she ran off to the table with it and had some fun! We got her play dough tools out and it actual kept her entertained for a little while.

Homemade Marshmallow Play Dough RecipeHomemade marshmallow Play Dough

Activity Applications

In this Marshmallow Play Dough activity we practiced the following toddler skills:

  • counting, colors and shapes.
  • following directions.
  • fine motor skills like cutting, pouring, squeezing and stirring.
  • washing hands.
  • and cleaning up.

And I was right about Miss O – she barely touched it, turned up her nose and walked away!  But she loved playing in the cupboard with the mixing bowls and watching sissy play with it so she still enjoyed herself 🙂

Here’s your easy 4 ingredient Marshmallow Play Dough Recipe:

Homemade Marshmallow Play Dough Recipe
Rosie’s notes: Start with less oil. Add corn starch throughout play to make sure it doesn’t get too sticky. But most importantly, don’t eat so much you get a belly ache!!

All in all this turned out great and I love that my toddler was able to help a lot in making this. And she actually enjoyed it after, playing and eating (only a little bit though)! We were also able to practice quite a few toddler skills during the process and play which always makes it fun and engaging.

Homemade Marshmallow Play Dough Recipe
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Thank you again Rosie for doing a wonderful job perfecting this recipe! Check out This Mom Life by Rosie for more fun here!

And check out some free toddler printables here!

Tried it? Have more applications or recommendations? Let me know what you think and drop a comment below! Don’t forget to pin!!!

~ Kristin

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