Being A Mom Is…

…you can’t remember.

Does it even matter at this point?

Glorious motherhood… you got me again and you got me good.

As you’ve figured out, this isn’t some sappy post about how amazing it is to raise a tiny human or the beautiful bond that is formed while breastfeeding or during skin to skin. Don’t get me wrong I love being a mom, I love little bonding moments and I love my children but dammmmn… this mom thing isn’t all unicorns and skittles like I dreamed it would be.

So let’s get real here. Being a mom is…

1.  Always having a bathroom companion… or 2.

2.  Asking your toddler what’s on her finger only to find out it’s poo. Yes it was real human poo. From her diaper.
3.  Wondering if the clock is working because you’re pretty sure it stopped as you’re counting down the minutes until bedtime. 5hrs 29 mins to go!
4.  #nocaptionneeded —>
5.  Letting the kids play in the dog’s water bowl so you can have 2 minutes of peace.
6.  Saying “hahaha hold on, hahaha” while grabbing your phone to snap a pic (or two) for future embarrassment.
7.  Sitting in a quiet, running car for 30 minutes because they are actually sleeping and you can’t dare shut that thing off or move them.
8.  Finding random things in even more random places and some in a questionable condition.

9.  Scrounging for one last freaking bobby pin buried in the couch, aka the crumb palace.
10.  Actually doing your hair for the first time in… who knows how long and realizing its much longer than you remember it being.
11.  Having 3 in diapers… yea…

This was exhausting just writing it. But I really hope you enjoyed a peek into mom life in my world.

Drop a comment below on what mom life looks like in your world… no sappy shit!



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July 30, 2017


  • Tee

    OMG, I laughed throughout this post. Sooo true! I can’t remember the last time I was in the bathroom on my own. Maybe before little one started walking, lol. Everything you’ve listed there, we’ve been through. No kidding!
    Love your post.

    • thiswif4

      Girl, I can’t remember either! Maybe someday I’ll get some privacy :/

  • Lauren

    This is too funny! ❤️

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